"I wish people would make us feel safe. And not just safe, but wanted.“

So often, the only conversations we see about trans and gender non-conforming people in fashion and media are surrounding discrimination, inaccurate representation and harmful typecasting. With this project we want to visually represent the joy and safety that comes from finding your people, and the depth and sensitivity that comes from traveling so far within yourself to figure out who you are. 

wirsinduns* is the first exclusively lgbtqia+ talent agency in Germany. 

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THESIS any pronouns

BRIANNA she/they

EVE she/they

JOSEPHINE she/they

MELON she/they

photography: Sophia Emmerich, she/her

art direction: Cora Hamilton, they/them + Sophia Emmerich, she/her

photo assistant: Samuel Arndt, he/him

set design : Carolina Restrepo, she/her 

styling: Christo Nakos, he/him

MUA: CrisToni Florido Acosta, any pronouns

agency: uns*